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The Process

Task Analysis (Blue Sky & Realistic)
Define Challenges & Requirements
Known Solutions & Problems
Sticky Note Design
Design Advantages and Disadvantages
Guest Testing and Commentary

The process as outlined was followed for both problems. We learned from our experience in the morning and during the second design challenge (presented in the afternoon) the groups were given more time to work out their task flows. This contributes to a more focused and smoother process for the interface. We think this helped.

We also were encouraged by the designer groups using the pink "problem" stickers to self-report possible design complexities that their design might pose. A typical problem might be; "the interfaces requires too many transactions with the server," or "it will take a long time to download on a 28.8 modem." These helped the groups note design tradeoffs, and helped focus their designs to fixing the most important problems.

The presentations and guest testing allowed each design group to see the others work, review their designs in detail, and even make suggestions or take back solutions for their own needs.

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