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A thought to ponder.

How does one make the trade-off among immediate feedback, usability, development testing when determing to use JavaScript (client-side), server-side code or Java?

Javascript gives immediate feedback (like form validation, or ordering information appearing in one frame when adding an item from another frame), but requires extensive browser testing (give Javascript compatibility, as it is with Netscape and IE 3.0+ browsers).
Java, with its large footprint makes its own tradeoff's - longer development, long downloads, more likelyhood of users having Java turned off, etc...
Server-side code can have no chance of providing immediate feedback, since a round-trip to the server is required, but is more stable and much easier to test for the developers.

Under what conditions do you use one or the other? What are your trade-offs? Did you consider the full life-cycle costs of your decision, or are you only considering your own two-cents?

Think about it.

Maybe even mailtodrop me a line. ;->

Next Thought.... Making CheckBox lists and RadioButton lists more usable. Hint: They can work like a GUI.

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Updated: 04.1.2000