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What We Learned from Participants
Build Phase - Wait for Design!

  • Am I the only one with this problem?
  • Process, Process, Process
  • Build Tools
  • Modular Design

We experienced the build problem even in these small groups. You probably have experience it too, the "code" starts to get "built" before design has started! This is a major roadblock to effective (cost and usability) design.

What can you do?

Possible solutions

  1. Don't schedule developers to join the team until the design is at a point the developers can work from requirements.
  2. Let developers be a part of the design process so they not only know what's coming, but can help see and fix roadblocks before they occur.
  3. If developers are going to be there and you have no choice - pick off one of two tasks;
    1. Let them build tools and other code items that may already have a feeling for
    2. Immediately focus on the simplest "blue chip" pieces of the system.
The blue chips are the highest priority parts of the system that have the least likelihood of being cut.

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