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What We Learned from Participants
Communication with Shareholders

  • Communication critical to deliver solution on time, with the proper functionality
  • The Wall - Low tech, cheap, increased interaction   Picture of Wall
  • Design walkthroughs
  • Even code reviews!

Even simple techniques can be used for facilitating communiction on the team. It is just wasted effort for designers to design what can't be built and for developers to develop what isn't in the design.

Some ideas to solve this problem:

  1. Email Status
    Email the status of issues and resolutions -- eventually posting them to a respository for later review.

  2. The Wall
    Printing out design pages and process steps and placing them on a large wall which all members of a team can access and view helps visualize the design. One can use tape, stickies, and a "legend" to the design, to map out the workflow and define software code segments.

  3. Design Walkthroughs
    After every major change to the design or customer interaction - get the team together and walk through the user-interactions. This will give everyone a chance to think about how their piece of the project fits or doesn't fit.

  4. Code Reviews
    Code reviews can be an eye-opening experience. The user-interface is affected by many coding issues. Examples can include; secure access restrictions, field validation expectations, missing data ramifications, incorrect or inappropriate variable definitions.

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