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What We Learned from Participants
Impressive Style - Select "6" Design

Picture of Selection Model

In the first design exercise, we asked the groups to design a method for selecting six countries from all the countries in the world. One of the nicest stylistic components of one of the designs was the "Selected Items" area on the bottom right of the interface. It was designed to look like a round table where the selected countrie's participants would gather to discuss trade tariffs (part of the original scenario). As each country was selected a flag of that country and the countries name would appear at each seat. Thus, the design not only conveyed a "United Nations" like style by using the flags, it represented how many countries were selected, how many needed to be selected, and even (although not part of the requirements) showed how the UN delegate would sit at the table. Arranging guests at a table is a big deal for international engagements and is reflected in this design. In addition, the releationship between the "Content Area," where all the countries are visible (in text or graphic format) and the "Selected Items" is easy to see.

This was just one example of the innovation we found from our design teams. Everyone learned from each other's examples; which helped all of us reach our workshop goals of communicating within the workshop design strategies, problems, and solutions.

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