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Introduction to Product

How do you go from proposal to live web cast from the Superbowl with Joe Montana as your pitchman? Ask me. We developed a full web cast model with interactive transactions, links to Home Shopping Networks live transaction server and the full nine yards of work. We staffed a support center, secured bird time for the live telecast from the studio in Florida to a co-located real-time streaming center and then off to a few hundred Digital Island web casting servers. A picture of the RealPlayer screen is shown. \ It contains a video stream, SMIL content for ads, details about Joe, an email Joe link, our branding, and the Buy It section for linking his talk with the current selection of merchandise. Very exciting. Well executed from an engineering and design point of view. HSN is still doing this type of merchandising, but now they are also marketing the event. At the time we only had 10 days to produce the product, but that wasn't enough time to market the event! So it goes...


Richard's Roles

  • Wrote proposal, projects costs, staffed and ran project
  • Implemented GUI design (designed wireframe, but not visuals)
  • Led system engineer with customer
  • Created work process for future events
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