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Morning Design Challenge (Multiple Item Selection)
This problem concerns creating a simulation of a United Nations tariff negotiation session. The scenario involves creating a web site for bringing politicians from all over the world together to negotiate tariffs on rice and wheat. The user had to first setup a  roundtable discussion to bring together the six countries that they feel would have the biggest impact on tariffs. The end-user is at liberty to choose any counties they wish, you as designers do not care what six countries are selected. The purpose of the interface is to select six countries from the larger list of the 182 countries in the world.
The challenge is to provide end-users the ability to select six countries from the entire set with the following usability requirements; the user should always know 1) what countries are selected, 2) which countries remain available, 3) how many countries remain to be selected, and 4) that a country can only be selected once.  Once the user is happy with their selections, they can then commit to starting the rest of the simulation. Your task is to build the part of the interface only up to that point in the game.

If this was a typical software project, we would just provide a scrolling selection list and allow the user to drag selected choices into a "to negotiate with" box. Although this solution might be done using JavaScript, is it indeed the best solution? Most importantly, is this solution cross-platform and will it work on most browsers? BE CREATIVE! Don't constrain yourself, come up with new ways of solving the problem, even if it would be a lousy design, just throw it out there, it may get you to a good solution.
Applicability - Large lists, shopping carts, multiple selections, creating a menu of items, ordering many small items.

Afternoon Design Challenge (Interactive Nested Lists)
Your team has been assigned the task of creating a library web-site for a video game design company based in Atlanta, GA. The library consists of a huge media repository (over 1 million objects in various formats, such as audio clips, mpeg video, clip art, animations, director storyboards, etc...).

The president of the company has asked you to assist in the organization of the repository by creating a browsing interface via the web for the company's creatives. Another group will provide a search interface in a few months based on some new intelligent query software, but your site needs to be up quickly and you can't wait for them. You will see many items that have been classified into categories and multiple levels of subcategories. Also consider that 'leaves' can appear at the same level as 'branches.'

The challenge is to create an interface that gives these creatives in the company an easy-to-use browsing model so that they can find what they need, not get lost in the midst of the huge collection, provide mechanisms to keep track of interesting pieces of content, and to create a group of items to 'check out' of the library.

There are some things you should know about the company.
1) The president is Israeli and plans on opening other design centers all over the world in the next few years
2) For tracking purposes (so that certain elements don't get reused too often, and for charging back projects) the elements a creative checks out need to be tracked by the system.
3) Some of the creatives work remotely and are free to use whatever browser they want and use many different types of computers.
4) The boss hates getting lost on a web-site, he sometimes gets lost on the way to work, but knows he is ok when he sees the 'Big Chicken'. So besides pleasing the end user you need to please the boss.

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Updated: 05.14.1998