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Introduction to Product

The web site is one tool for the Device Brokerage Platform. The Platform enables customers to provision, manage, control (security) and support devices in the field that have previously not been available on the network. Through either hardware additions or the software client devices can be matched with applications that were previously only available through direction connection. For example, a washing machine can connect via a serial port to our network bridge and now an appliance support organization can test and monitor the device remotely. The web tool allows IT managers to get status of the devices, control access, and deploy applications.

Overview Schematic

The site map for the existing site was complicated, full of dead-ends and not symmetrical. This was fixed over the next few releases. The site map also helped to drive feature completion and served as a good tool to manage expections for the amount of work that was needed to fill out features.

Sitemap for Redesign Full-size

Richard's Roles

  • Designed all the interfaces for the web version of this product,
  • Developed HTML and JS prototypes and templates (implemented in JSP, HTML, Javascript with a JMX/Struts/Apache back-end)
  • Wrote the User interface requirements
  • Manage the core and GUI development teams, while coordinating with the hardware teams for consistency with hardware releases
  • Work closely with all management tool customers to extract custom and generic requirements for release planning
  • Develop and maintain process improvement plans to help improve design and development efficiencies
  • Lead design and testing for browser compatibility, filed and fixed UI design, JSP and core bugs.
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